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Transition from spreadsheets to customised 
business applications

We build custom IT solutions to support small-medium businesses

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes, we can integrate external applications if your software provider allows for it.

  • We build our own software platform internally that aid us in driving the cost of development down. In fact, our actual  bottleneck is usually the rate at which requirements are disseminated to us from our clients.  

  • We sacrifice aesthetics customisations for speed, therefore, birdlabs is only suitable for internal business tools.  Depending on the complexity of your requirements, the limitation of our platform might mean we would need to use "less elegant"  work-arounds.

Understand requirements (Free)


We'll investigate your current processes and identify issues that can be solved with technology. Don't worry, an NDA will be signed and it's free

Fix project scope & deliverables


Once the scope has been decided, a deposit 30% of the implementation fees will be required for us to begin the proposal a solution.

Review project proposal


This detailed proposal contains all of the implementation details of our solution.


eg, mockups, workflow diagrams, architectural designs, etc

Deliver & User acceptance


Once our team has delivered the initial solution, we will begin a series of live-testing with a selected subset of your intended team members to ensure that the solution is up to the highest standards

Go live


We will open the project to your team, provide training and after sales support.

How we do business

We aim to provide a clear and transparent timeline to you.

Meet the team.

Birdlabs emerged from a key observation during our university years. While engaging in real-world business projects, we noticed many companies understood the need for digitalization but struggled with its complexity.

Dion Neo


Dion is Birdlabs' product and engineering lead, specialising in AI and ML to develop practical solutions that tackle real-world issues. He ensures that our digital offerings are innovative and user-focused.

Wesley Tan


Wesley excels in sales and relationship management at Birdlabs, adept at understanding and solving customer problems. His unique blend of tech knowledge and business insight enables him to forge strong connections and navigate new markets, driving Birdlabs' growth.

Are you an ideal match for our services ?
You already have mature business processes

You've explored and settled down on some business processes.

You're thinking of increasing headcount

Your operations scale with human resources. 

Your decisions are made based on intuition

You're basing off experience to determine your next course of action.

You spend time syncing up data

Your teams maintain their own variants of the same data, or you have existing systems that don't integrate with each other.

We might be the right choice for you

We are obsessed with building  simple, intelligent business software

We're 10x cheaper

We scale our operations without increasing manpower

We're 10x faster

We're not constrained by time-consuming tasks associated with programming.

We're experts at simplification

We pride ourselves in being able to distill complex processes into simple, straight forward tools 

Integrate with AI

We've made AI so accessible, you can integrate it into any of your business processes.

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