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Notable case studies


We're in the business of making your business easier to run.

Customer relationship management system

We helped our client preserve institutional knowledge​, identify operational bottlenecks​ and integrate data from their existing softwares (Product database and SAPB1 accounting software).

Plastics Manufacturing

R&D Management


We enabled our client to easily track their experiment statuses and results, conduct in-depth data analysis, and integrate seamlessly with their existing softwares (CRM system).

Pigment R&D



For compliance reasons (Our client was a listed company on the Tokyo stock exchange), due-diligence checks were needed for every stakeholder within the company. We automated this entire process, saving an estimated 2,000 man-hours every year. 

Plastics Manufacturing


Optimisation tool

We helped to automatically consolidate orders from our client's customers and plan out the most mathematically optimal manufacturing process. 



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