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Marine off-shore cables manufacturer

We helped to automatically consolidate orders from our client's customers and plan out the most mathematically optimal manufacturing process.


Our client stands at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying specialty cables for the marine and offshore industries. However, their reliance on manual operations significantly hampered their efficiency.

  • The client employed a complex order processing method aimed at minimizing costs, requiring 1.5 to 2 weeks to process a single order.

  • Frequent changes to ongoing orders disrupted their established processes.

  • Project managers struggled with tracking deliverables and generating accurate quotations due to the voluminous nature of orders.


To address these challenges, we developed a centralised system for processing orders.

Automated order optimisation

This module changes the way orders are processed. By inputting client order forms from Excel, the system utilizes algorithms to determine the most efficient allocation of resources and order fulfilment.

This process, previously taking up to two weeks, now concludes in a mere 5 seconds. This drastic reduction in processing time liberates the operators from the burdens of manual calculations, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making and enhancing customer service.


These tailored solutions have transformed our client's operations, moving from laborious manual processes to a seamless, automated system.

The automated order optimization enabled our client to significantly reduce processing times, improve accuracy in quotations and reporting, and ultimately achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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