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Omni-plus System PTE LTD

We've built 3 customised tools for them - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, R&D Management, and Product database.


Omni-plus, a global leader in plastic manufacturing, traditionally relied on disparate Excel sheets for most of its operations despite having mature processes in place.

  • Lack of knowledge retention across sales and R&D teams.

  • Interdepartmental collaboration was challenging.

  • Difficulty in accessing necessary data promptly.

  • Management lacked overall visibility into operations.


We designed a centralised system with three tailor-made modules that integrated with their accounting system (SAP) and communication tools (outlook):

Customised CRM/Project management platform 

We crafted a tailored CRM system to improve traceability and minimize friction among sales personnel.

This central repository for all sales activities ensured knowledge remained within the company, safeguarding against the loss of information when sales staff departed.

Automation tools were implemented to prevent leads from slipping through the cracks, prompting timely follow-ups. Integration with SAPB1 for customer data and Outlook for communications eliminated redundant data entry. Additionally, a connection to our bespoke R&D platform and product database allowed for synchronised efforts and a comprehensive overview of the sales pipeline, facilitating bottleneck identification and overall management.

R&D Management Platform

Our bespoke R&D Management System serves two primary functions: tracking historical attempts to achieve specific physical properties of resins and providing visualisation tools for monitoring how changes in resin components affect these properties.

This historical record-keeping and visual analysis capability enabled our client to preserve valuable knowledge, setting a solid benchmark for developing new resins with desired characteristics.

Product Database platform

We established a product database to catalog the company's offerings, addressing the challenge of recommending specific plastic resins from a vast array (30+ properties) based on client requirements.

Our smart system empowers sales personnel to quickly and accurately identify the most suitable products for clients on the go.

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